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Welcome to Citysatoshi !
The new GAMEVAULT STUDIOS faucet game.

Citysatoshi is a strategy game where you can earn free bitcoins.
Every server starts with a mine worth 250 Bitcoin. All players are looting the same mine to earn free satoshi.
The Top 200 players on the server earn prizes.
Players race to grow their village. Each construction is hosting a population who will pay you satoshi.
There are 6 types of buildings and each building has 8 levels. The village s population needs food to be productive and earn a maximum number of satoshi.

Make a new building:

There are 6 types of buildings : FARMHOUSE, TAVERN, GUILD HOUSE, BAKERY, STABLE and TOWN HALL
There is a minimum score points requirement before you can start a new construction for a building.
Buildings need a construction time to become operational. You can use gems to speed up the construction time.

Level up your buildings:
Each building can be improved from level 1 to level 8. Larger hosting capacity and higher earnings come with higher levels.
There is a minimum score points requirement to level each building. .
buildings need a construction time for the enhancement to take place. You can use gems to speed up the construction.
If you prefer to free the space for a superior building, you can destroy the current one instantly.

Hire extra builders.:
You can use gems to hire builders and make multiple constructions at the same time.

Make it to the TOP:
The players are ranked based on their current earning potential which is the satoshi/hour that gets paid by the village population.
Keep improving your buildings and donít forget that while under construction, the buildings are not hosting any population.

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