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UR Coin - Register and get 2000 ur coin (0.02 btc) now
« on: November 11, 2016, 05:21:39 PM »
Update (11/11/2016): "UR Coin:we will launch the app in the US Nov. 15th and a release a timeline with other countries' launch dates on Nov. 12th"

UR, is a new crypto currency.

You will earn 2000 UR, which is equivalent to 0.03BTC as of today, by simply signing up. You need to sign-up using a referral link in order to get your first 2000 UR. I would really appreciate if you can sign-up as my referral.

1. You can sign-up here: then scroll down
2. Fill-up the form.
3. Inside of ‘Who reffered you?’, enter the name "nam khue" to get a bonus 2000 UR. Don’t leave it blank to claim the bonus.

4. Balance over time can be swapped into a [​IMG] (Bitcoin). In the meantime every 2000 UR valued around 0.03 [​IMG].

After the registration, you’ll receive a message saying “Thank you! We have added you email address to the waiting list – you are currently #xxx. You will receive 2000 UR once the app is available, you download it and prove your identity?”

Once you sign on, you will be able to start inviting friends through social media, via email or by simply sharing through your website or blog. The more you and your friends refer others, the more you benefit. You will receive more and more UR based on how your efforts lead to the build-out of the UR community. You can use your UR immediately to buy and sell among community members and soon use anywhere just like regular money.

Happy Earning to All!