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Welcome to Fissioncoin 100 FC = 1 USD Fissioncoin rate is always increasing! The coin price increases on a monthly basis and never declines. The bronze coin increases by 3.00%; the silver coin increases by 4.00%, and the gold coin increases by 5.00% 
Fissioncoin is the new electronic coin that was launched on June 24, 2016. Fissioncoin applies the theory of nuclear fission reaction on the coin mining system.
The fissioncoin is free, and an investment to join our community isn't required. Get 3.00 to 7.50 coins a day for free! Just sign up, validate your email address and phone number, and verify your account. No investment is required.

Great Coin Like #Bitcoin (Fissioncoin) - Every Month Coin value increase 3% to 5%

✔ Very Nice Concept Join Free
✔ Get daily Free 3 Coins to 7 coins for free
✔ Now 100 Coin Value = $1.06
✔ Every Month Coin value increase 3 to 5%
✔ instant withdraw minimum 2 Coin required
✔ get daily 3 to 7 coins for free

⭐ Dont forget to confirm your email and your phone number and put your address.