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[ANN] - Bitcoin Savings & Investment (BETA)
« on: November 03, 2015, 04:16:27 PM »

BSAVE is a platform for savings and investment in Bitcoin

We are a small group of operators, totally focused in Bitcoin investments and Mining.

We have long tested and selected the more stable and credible company in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Of these, we have selected the most profitable, in order to give our customers an investment opportunity real, stable and secure.

We have concentrated on real companies, not ponzi schemes, not HYIP that promise quick returns with incredible rates and very low ROI.

We want to give our customers an income, smaller than other promise, but real and continuous in time.

The contracts acts as Investment (Mining) Share or Savings Account.

The Invstment Contract generate a 1% interest a week, paid every Sunday at 12:00 Eastern Time.

The Savings Contract generate a 2% interest a week, paid every Sunday at 12:00 Eastern Time, until the principal has withdrawn.