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« on: August 27, 2015, 04:40:41 PM »
One card for fiat and crypto funds.
Our customers love how simple the E-Card is.

It is just like a traditional bank card but better for a number of reasons:
- It gives you the ability to instantly convert crypto funds into fiat
- Comes in USD, EUR, GBP and other currencies (in near future)
- Can be either plastic or virtual
- Has no hidden fees
Our card is accepted by over 30 million merchants and can be used at over 25 million ATMs worldwide; so, it allows you to spend your Bitcoins virtually anywhere and hassle free.

Currently we ship E-Cards to 173 countries, so check whether we can deliver to yours. That said, the cards can be used in any country, as long as there is a “VISA/Mastercard accepted” sign displayed.

Our robust platform performs card loading with unprecedented speed allowing you to top up funds onto your E-Card literally while queuing at an ATM or waiting for a bill at a bar.

You are eligible to order up to three E-Cards in three fiat currencies (more currencies coming soon!).

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