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- 100% Free Open Source on
- No Monthly Fee, Transaction Fee from 0%
- Accept Bitcoin/Altcoin on your site or use Monetiser
- No ID Required, No Bank Account Needed
- Get payments straight to your bitcoin/altcoin wallets
- Global, Anonymous, Zero Risk, No Chargebacks
- Pay-Per-Product - sell your products for bitcoin
- Pay-Per-Download - make money on file downloads
- Pay-Per-Post - sell rights to post on your website
- Pay-Per-Registration - earn money on site registration
- Pay-Per-View/Page - paid access to videos/pages
- Pay-Per-Membership - sell your premium membership
- Working with third-party plugins - WooCommerce etc
- Direct Payments between your website users
- Affiliate Program (earn 33.3% lifetime revenue share)
- Free Support in the integration of Bitcoin Gateway

Bitcoin/Altcoin Plugin for Easy Digital Downloads

- Provides a Payment Gateway for Easy Digital Downloads 2.4 +
- 100% Free Open Source Plugin on
- Accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Paycoin, Dash, Speedcoin,
- Reddcoin, Potcoin, Feathercoin, Vertcoin, Peercoin, etc. payments
- No Monthly Fee, No Bank Account Needed, Transaction Fee from 0%
- No Chargebacks. Live Exchange Rates. All in automatic mode.
- Get crypto payments straight to your bitcoin/altcoin wallet addresses
- Exchange Rate Multiplier (i.e. 1.05 - will add extra 5% to price in BTC)
- Direct Integration on your website, no external payment pages opens
- Free Tech Support for You

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