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Title: Stealtoshi | Bitcoin game with combat system
Post by: Munem2x on January 04, 2017, 11:33:35 PM
What is StealToshi?
It is a bitcoin game with combat system. You have a tree with growing apples. Apples needs water for growing. Growing can be accelerated using Fertilizer and many other boosts. Second part of this game is combat system, where you can fight with other players.

1. Getting water
First of all you need a water for growing apples. Move your mouse above to icon in top menu. Water popup menu appears. Click to Refill button. Now you need enter captcha. Done! You have a watered tree, so apples can grow!

2. Getting fertilizer
Growing from water is very slow, so you can boost it using a Fertilizer . It is menu nearby Water. You can refill fertilizer like the water.

3. More boosts
Growing is still slow? You can check your bonuses on Calculator menu . Here you can see TWO more bonuses!
Tree size - automatic bonus, for each apple on tree you get 5% bonus (up to 200%), but first apple is not counted
Economist - you can hire (this is a paid feature, you need collect apples first) a better economist for limited time clicking to Hire button

4. Collecting apples
When you see an apple on tree, you can click on it. Apple is collected and apple value is transfered to main balance. When you have a lot of apples, you can use "Collect ALL" feature, but antibonus is applied.
For each apple (except the first one) you can get bonus, more apples = faster growing.

5. Upgrades
Water, fertilizer and other game features can be upgraded. Just move mouse on given feature, popup menu appears and click on Upgrade button. Satoshi from main balance are used, you need collect apples first.