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« on: May 18, 2015, 06:36:52 PM »
Rewards: 7000 DASH-satoshi every 30 minutes. Withdrawal threshold: 200,000 DASH-satoshi
Faucet Link:

Faucet info:
How to begin: Begin by entering your Dash wallet address in the space provided, play the captcha then click "Request Dash", 0.00007000 Dash will be added to your balance.

How often can you claim? You can make a request every hour, on the hour!

How often do we payout?Payments are processed multiple times per day if your balance is greater than 0.00200000 Dash

Do we have referrals? Absolutely! We offer lifetime referral's, you'll receive 0.00002000 Dash and 1 entry into the jackpot for each successful referral request. Not just once, but each time they make a request. How good is that?

How is the winner selected? The winning address is chosen at random from the database and the payment is paid instantly. Make sure you enter your address correctly as we will not redraw the jackpot. We will announce that a winner has been chosen on twitter @FreeCryptoCo.
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