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Chicken-Island: a 3D multiplayer game to earn satoshi
« on: September 28, 2016, 01:28:32 PM »
Welcome to Chicken Island!

In a 3D multiplayer environment you'll have to navigate your chicken on many different island with various weather conditions (windy, foggy or sunny, ...): you need to collect coins, secure them.

Be careful: avoid falling into the water and don't go too close to the wolves!  :o

So more coins you collect, the more satoshis you'll earn!

You will not be playing alone, you'll race against other players (they can also push you to the water!).

( Click on image to see the youtube video )

Come play with us and have fun!  :)


Requirements: OpenGL and a modern compatible browser ( Chromium, Firefox)
Faucetbox payouts: Max 100 000 satoshis (every 3 minutes)
Chocolate time: Saturday/Sun 17H-18H (UTC) rewards are increased!