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How much it is possible to claim?

You can claim 200-10,000 Satoshis every 30 minutes. The generated amount is dictated by some preestablished probabilities. The maximum amount of claims per day is 40. The minimum withdraw amount is 10k Satoshis, and that is easily achieved in one day.

When do payments happen?

Payments are made twice a week (instead of only once), every Monday and Friday.

Important note: this service uses FaucetBox. So, even though the payment threshold is 10K Satoshi here, you need to set your own payment threshold on FaucetBox, the minimum value being 13K Satoshi. You can do that HERE

Known issues/Upcoming features

  • A referral program will soon be added.
  • I also might add some kind of weekly lottery, but that will require some coding and time in order to make it work perfectly.
  • If you have any suggestions please let me know.


Proof of payment number 1 and some updates

I have this pic and this pic as current proofs for the first payment, a test one. The threshold was incorrectly set to 15k, and that was fixed. Some other important issues were fixed too, and I am currently working on the referral program.

Referral links

After you claim Satoshis, now a 20% commission referral link will be displayed. You can use it to bring users to the faucet.

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