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ClearSky BTC or CS:GO keys by sending traffic to site
« on: August 08, 2016, 11:23:27 PM »
The rates for main-portal:
USA, Canada - from 25 to 30 per Satoshi unique visits
Germany, UK, Italy, Australia - from 15 to 20 Satoshi
Other countries - from 3 to 5 Satoshi

Rates for iframe:
USA, Canada - from 6 to 8 Satoshi are unique visits
Germany, UK, Italy, Australia - from 3 to 5 Satoshi
Other countries - from 1 to 2 Satoshi

Two links:
First redirect people to the main portal advertising and earn [​IMG]. You can use the links from Facebook, Twitter, other social networks, Manual Surfs, links from blog & websites. Remuneration shall be added after 25 seconds

Second link can promote in iframe code by bots, proxy, ptp, autosurfs and other automatic display. But for this traffic we will earn only 25% of the base rate.

When payment?
You can request a withdrawal in bitcoins or CS:GO keys, but minimum is 0.0005BTC (50 000 Satoshi) for Bitcoin payments or 0.004BTC for CS GO Key (400 000 Satoshi)
(Waiting time to 7 days)

Each 0.004 [​IMG] is equivalent to 1 CS:GO key. However, this value may change depending on market value.​