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WheelOfBitcoin roulette faucet i share 50% referrals earnings
« on: December 17, 2015, 07:28:14 PM »
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i have to configurated the faucet to share 50% of referral earnings.

Lets say you have referred Teyla,
She wins 5,000 satoshi.
From 5,000 satoshi that she got you will get 2,500 satoshi.
You choose to share 50% of your share with her.
So Teyla will get 1,250 satoshi and you will get 1,250 satoshi.

Another example,
You have referred Rodney,
He wins 10,000 satoshi,Your share will be 5,000 satoshi.
You choose to give him 20% of your share.
Rodney will recive 1,000 satoshi and you will recive 4,000 satoshi.