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Offline sabotage

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  • Hello everyone!
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Since we got a lot of bots on the faucet, we are starting a new project to give bitcoins to you!

OGame is a open source web browser strategy game set in space. Now you can have fun and earn a lot of prizes.

We are starting with a small prize of 2.000.000 satoshi because we don't want to promote with balances we don't have yet.
Prize will be RAISED every week with ads revenue and premium accounts revenue, so we hope the final prize can be HUGE.
Prizes will be shared between the top 10 players and top 1 alliance.

Prize Updates:
26/07/2016 - 2.000.000 satoshi
02/08/2016 - satoshi

Dark matter is a way to get more benefits.
To buy, you need to PM me on btctalk forum.;u=846936
Dark matter price: 1 dark matter = 1 satoshi

More screenshots:

Cheaters will be banned!
This include: multiple accounts,  obtain unfair profit from the resources of a lower ranked account, use of bugs, etc.

Hope you all have fun!
Any criticism and comments to improve the game are welcome!

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