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« on: June 22, 2016, 10:10:37 PM »
Hey guys, well, do you want free giftcards?

you can sign up here.
at instagc, you can watch videos, do surveys, search the web and more to earn points! 1 point = 1 cent.

Each survey amount varies but the average points for a 15 minute survey is 80 points. You can redeem in any kind of giftcard. Most of them are there. Like steam, walmart, aeropostal, amazon, etc. you can check out the different types of giftcards when you sign up above. There are also pointbooster codes which are posted on twitter or facebook. You can also make cash payment or paypal payment but you have to have earned atleast $50.00 on the site in giftcards to use those 2 options. There is also a chat but you would also have to earn atleast $50.00 in giftcards. Sometimes rondom users or the system post pointbooster codes in the chat. Try to claim them but you need to type fast for the system codes cause you can't copy paste them. There is a certain limit to how many people can claim 1 pointbooster code. System point booster codes give like 5 points (5 cents) and user pointbooster codes can be any amount depending on how much the user decides to give away. So, come check out the site, I've earned probably like $70 in maybe 3/4 of a month.

Please join, here's the link again! link to join ->

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