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Okats - The Business Strategy Game - Bitcoin
« on: March 26, 2016, 07:41:22 PM »

*What is an Okat?

Okat is the currency that your business gets paid in. Once your business generates enough okats you can convert your okats to bitcoins!

How do I play Okats?

Once you sign up for Okats you will start your business! To accumulate okats you to claim your okats after every business meeting. Business meetings take 1 hour to conduct. With okats you can upgrade your business or convert them.

What Are Workers?

Workers are users that you refer! Everytime a worker conducts a business meeting you will earn 1 okat. Workers are also required for some upgrades.

What Are Okats For?

Okats are used to upgrade your business or you can conver them to bitcoins. Okats are earned every hour from business meetings or can be earned from workers.

1.000 okats 0.00240848 Satoshi

1.level = hours 1 okats
2. level = hours 2 okats
3. level = hours 3 okats
4. level = hours 4 okats
5. level = hours 5 okats
6. level = hours 6 okats
7. level = hours 7 okats
8. level = hours 8 okats
9. level = hours 9 okats
10. level = hours 10 okats

Minimum Withdraw: 10 Okats ( 2408 Satoshi )