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Welcome to Block Adz

It's brand new today, it is modeled off in that it is SIMPLE to buy and sell ads. There is none of this complicated, almost insane site by site bidding (which seems to be the norm in bitcoin niche thus far) where you don't know how many impressions you actually receive - this is CPM Buying - you earn per 1000 impressions on your site, and buyers buy per 1000 impressions. You get what you pay for, and you earn fairly based on how much traffic you have.

Features that will make THE go-to, instant signup, instant buy bitcoin network:

  • Open Invite: Everyone is invited, you can join instantly with no approval needed, generate your adcode and place it on your sites and be earning INSTANTLY from our network wide ads buys.
  • 100% FULL Guarantee: - You will earn from EVERY impression. We GUARANTEE that our ads are 100% bought. If there are unbought spots then we will buy into them and fill them ourselves.
  • Optimized Pricing: We set the pricing, other networks let you set your own, and we might enable this, but for now we will set the pricing, starting low and increasing as the network fills. We know what rates to charge and will optimize our pricing so that 1. You as a publisher earn as much as possible, and 2. The pricing is fair and market rate to buyers to inspire confidence and re-buys.
  • CPM Buying: Our prices are in cost per 1000 banner impressions - the standard way of pricing advertising which every large media buyer understands and uses from many other sites/networks.
  • Geo targeting as standard: Publishers; earn more from your Tier 1 geos traffic. Advertisers; target your campaigns to ONLY the specfic geos you want.
  • Referral program Earn 5% of the earnings of any publishers you invite (we will try and increase this or run a promo for it later this month)

Join Block Adz Here

Publisher Rules and Tips

This is meant as an open entry, everyone's invited network  so our rules are pretty soft, but we do have a few:
  • No Cheating. If you cheat you get banned and not paid out any earnings.
  • No Cheating.
  • Seriously no cheating! We know all the tricks, we can see your banner placements, and if you cheat we will know.
  • Only 5x banner placements per page - 5x is enough, if you place more then your overall click through rate only decreases anyway.
  • Seriously... no cheating - if we see a page on your site which is flooded with 10x or 100x or 1000x banners then we will instant ban you.

Tips to Earn More!

  • Place all 5x banners - You will earn 5x as much (but please, no more than 5x per page - itís against the rules, see above).
  • Place a variety of sizes - it will look nicer on your site, and you will get different ads showing, and you will EARN MORE. We operate flexible pricing, so when one ad size gets fully bought the next buys are more expensive - the rate of all banners changes over time so if you have a variety of sizes you will earn more.

Early Bird Pricing

As mentioned above we control the pricing and set fair market rate. However right now, for launch, our network wide price is 6x cheaper than and any other bitcoin ads network.

This is a rate of only $0.02 / 1000 impressions... this is literally THE cheapest advertising rate online.

HOWEVER - it will go up, SOON!

I'm a big ads buyer myself and I browse the other bitcoin networks and see site owners pricing either too low or too high - if pricing too high the adspot literally sits there empty and the site owner not earning. I know ads pricing market rates, and we have a full time sales manager working to fill your spots - trust me, I want you as a publisher to earn as much as possible. The pricing will increase and we will find a natural market rate where inventory is full 100% of the time but pricing is fair to buyers.

Right now the pricing is $0.02 just for a couple of days until we are full, then slowly the pricing will increase till we find the right spot.

Join Block Adz Here - Or Buy Advertising

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