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Buy gold with net-bank BitGold
« on: August 02, 2015, 06:18:46 PM »

Bitcoin and his analogues today conquer all greater popularity and as payment facility and as financial instrument. More and more, the people want and show a preference bitcoin, his simplicity and innovation, people want to pay him for goods and facilities, send to each other and simply keep their own savings in them.
Opposite, more and more services and offers appears on financial market, - an accustomed money through internet possible all as in usual life - beside bitcoin while such boundless possibilities no, but his rash ascent already presently surprises the enemy and pleases the admirer. In some country possible to use the btc as payment facility, there is possibility to pay bitcoincard, in a short time, most certainly, btc will be built-in in bank system as full-fledged financial instrument.
Newly created financial platforms allow to trade the btc for currency, earn from sale.
The Whole gravity btc has at the point solved to demonstrate the command a professional-financier from Canada,  You buying gild for btc. They created the safety platform-trade platform, where clients can peacefully not only buy the gold for btc, but also keep his as in bank, trade his equivalent and is guaranteed to get the physical gold on hands.

The Trade platform BitGold - a pioneer in the field of sale gild for btc in such scale. The Command developer has provided the platform full spectrum financial services when work with gold, was provided handhold on group investor, guaranteeing perfect and stable functioning the system, safety physical gild garanty the professional safe organization.

"...BitGold Inc seriously pertains to transparencies and reporting. We positions itself as reliable third party with limited liability  and us have an fiduciarnity of the obligation to all client. All aspects of our technological architecture were designed for safety protection of the real main means. We are simply shown by operating system for your spare gild.
We have developed our corporative structure and organization in accordance with leading practical person in the field of financial services, but in our work we use completely portioned register of the accounting with possibility of the ransom of each gram, kilogram or tons gild, depending on need of the concrete client..." - speaks one of the developer and creators of the system Darrell MacMullin, he director to companies BitGold.

That offers BitGold:
1 buying gild on low price!
2 keeping bathed gild in deposit or in physical expression 10g or 1kg bullion (all gold to companies is insured) in safe of the companies in several branches on the whole world!
3 use the gold as payment facility at payment their own count!
4 full financial reporting at the end of the year or on Your request of Your financial activity with BitGold, providing transparency and probity of the work - one of the main slogan commands BitGold; and a great deal another.

Passing simple registration You as client of the bank BitGold in its personal cabinet will have a possibility immediately to begin trade activity with gold and bitcoin. Wholly comprehensible interface will not give You to be lost and already through several minutes literally, after completion of the deposit, You will be able to become the owner gild, let while virtual, but at desire, You may ransom beside companies and gold in cube or bullion on mail will is deported You home before doors straight!
If You have interested offer and You want to become not only small part bitcoin-community, but also find excellent partner for Your financial activity, that You may be registered in BitGold bank on this reference REGISTRATION

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