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Hi forum.

This post is all about how to safely visit faucet-lists without any chance of operating system infections.

There are three requirements:

1: a usb-device of at least 4GB.
2: a live linux distro (.iso file). (I use linux mint as example and in real life too, amongst others.)
3: unetbootin.

Assuming one has the usb-device, we can progress to the downloading of a live-linux distro.

I advice linux mint, as it is very user friendly and intuitive. You can find it there:
My advice is to use the 32bit (x86) version (even on 64bit (x64) architecture),
with the KDE plasma desktop and with media support - you just might use it for other things than just visit faucets.

32 bit:

If you do prefer 64bit:
64 bit:

Then one requires unetbootin for installing the linux distro onto your usb-device and make it bootable.
Download unetbootin there:
After downloading, install it.

From here the steps are:

1: Plugin the usb device.
2: Open unetbootin, click on disk image. (at the bottom, left side.)
3: Browse to the linux mint .iso file. (at the bottom, right side.)
4: Make sure the drive letter is that of your usb-device! (at the bottom, in the center.) and click OK to install onto the usb-device.

That's it. You now have a bootable live linux distro on a usb-device!

Reboot and boot the linux system.
If it won't boot, make sure the boot-order settings in the BIOS are correct,
or press some F-key when your pc starts to get into the BIOS boot menu.
Then choose: boot from usb device.

Once you're logged into your linux desktop, click the "start" button, then click system settings.
Double click firewall, check ENABLE. Now you have netfilter, the one and only proper firewall enabled.

Next, enable your network. Plug in your internet wire, or wifi dongle and choose the appropriate access point.

Click the "start" button again. Find the firefox browser and start it.
Right-click next to the first tab and enable the menu bar.
Next, in the menu-bar click edit -> preferences.
At the content tab UNCHECK block popups. (to allow popups from faucet pages.)
Lastly: DO NOT install ad-block-plus. (It's not installed by default.)

Now you're ready to visit any and all faucets while you're safe from any possible internet threats, because whatever happens,
when you reboot the usb-device / live-linux system, it will be fresh and clean like it was never used at the next bootup.

When booting from the usb-device again, repeat the steps:
1: enable firewall.
2: change browsers popup settings.
3: ransack faucet lists!

I personally use the firebug add-on for firefox to evade timers and "are you human" links, but that is another story.
If someone is interested in that too, just leave a reply specifying you want help with firebug, and i will explain how this works.
It's very handy ^^

That's it. Safe browsing for everyone.

On a side note: clicking an ad every once in a while and allowing some popup to load here and there
keeps the faucets alive, which in turn keeps us happy!

Questions? Remarks? Complaints? Need help? Something else?

Leave a reply or send me a PM.


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