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[HOW TO] use vpn to get higher rewards from faucets
« on: October 31, 2015, 03:45:00 PM »
Hi forum.

Appearantly, visitors from different countries get different faucet rewards.
There is ofcourse a way to evade that disadvantage. The answer is VPN!

First, we / i often use vpn for ransacking faucet lists. They've never blocked us.
So it should work for anyone. Let me explain how to set this up:

For windows:

Download cyberghost free vpn there:
Choose the free version / download.

Install it. When it's done, a popup message shows up for installing a TAP-device.
You install that too, it's mandatory and then you're done.

Next you fire up cyberghost. Choose a custom country from the free server list, of which there are plenty.
I advice you to choose a server from europe, appearantly in europe we get the highest faucet rewards.

As the cyberghost version we use is the free version, you get one popup asking you to buy the payed version, just click it away.
Then, you get a timer to wait for a free slot. Shouldn't take more then a minute before it starts to connect to the server you've chosen.

You can visually see from where, to where the connection is made as it is being displayed in a graphical world map.
When it's active / connected, you'll get a notification at the right bottom corner that it's active.

Now start ransacking faucets!

If you don't believe it works, google -> whats my ip

For linux:

It is a bit more difficult, but once you've done it, it's a piece of cake.

The steps are:

Create a ten / twenty minute mail address of your choosing:

There are plenty of those.

Next, go there:
to register for a free vpn account and click "try it free".

Then choose:
Free Limited Plan -> create account.

Here, you enter the email address from your ten / twenty minute mail address and choose a password of your liking.
Press the "create free account" button.

Copy -> paste the ten / twenty minute email address into a text file and type the password in there aswell!
This is really important. They're required to make the vyprVPN connection.

Check your ten / twenty minute mail address. There should be a confirmation email from goldenfrog.
Read it and copy -> paste the confirmation link into your browser address bar and press enter.
Now your vyprVPN account is active.

Next, download the goldenfrog vyprVPN certificate:
open up a console and enter this command:

sudo wget -O /etc/openvpn/
press enter.

After downloading, which takes only seconds, go to the network manager.
Add a new connection and choose: openVPN
You can give it any name you want.

1: change the connection type to "password"

2: Locate the CA File: /etc/openvpn/

3: Username: the ten / twenty minute email address

4: password: the password you chose when you signed up at vyprVPN

5: Click advanced tab, check "LZO compression"

press ok once.

6: Lastly, put in a server address in the gateway textfield.

You can find the server list there:

Choose a server located in europe. Copy -> paste that server address into the gateway textfield.
Press ok.

Now you're done. The vpn connection has been setup / created.

connect with your default access point. (or hardwired internet cable.)
You'll get a popup message saying it is activated.

Then connect with the VPN connection.
You'll get a popup message saying it is activated. There should be a network icon with a lock.

That's it. Now you're "browsing from europe".
Start ransacking those faucets!

NOTE: free vyprVPN accounts have a limit of 500mb data traffic.
If you exceed this, you get a "connection failed" message when you connect to the vpn connection.

But that's just fine. We can't be beaten.
You then just repeat the steps:

1: Create a temporary mail.
2: Register at for a free account. (Again, put the temporary email address + password in a text file.)

Edit the vyprVPN connection via the network manager.
Change username with new temporary email address, and optionally a new password, if you've chosen to use a new password.
Optionally, choose another vyprVPN server from the list.
Press ok.

Connect with the vpn connection.
Again a popup should show the vpn connection is activated with a network icon with a lock.

Pretty easy huh?

Anyone that needs help with this, as different linux distro's have different network managers,
reply here, or send me a PM.

Again, i would like to tell everyone that faucets only can be kept alive by revenue from ads.
So clicking an ad every now and then, and letting a popup load once in a while,
keeps the faucets alive, which makes us all happy :)

Questions? Remarks? Complaints? Even compliments are welcome.

With regards,


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